April 10, 2008

Media communication theories were also taught in class. There are 7 mass media theories such as Powerful effects theory, Limited effects theory,Agenda setting function,Media hegemony, Media determinism,Spiral of silence and Cultivation theory.


April 10, 2008

In Comms class, we learn how to maintain relationships and the 10 stages of relationships too.  The Knapp Model of Relational Development are the 10 stages which are Initiating, Experimenting, Intensifying, Integrating, Bonding, Differentiating, Circumscribing, Stagnation,  Avoiding and Terminating.  Stages 1 to 5 are the coming together in a relationship.  Stages 6 to  10 are the coming apart in a  relationship.  All these stages are applied to daily life as well.  In fact, i myself have gone through these stages in my life. It gets more hurting when the relationship comes to the 6th stage onwards.

There are 3 processes on relational maintenance. They are Self disclosure, Conflict and Relational needs. Self disclosure is sharing of information about self that the other party is unlikely to know about.
Conflict occurs due to differences in perception. However at times conflicts between couples helps to strengthen the relationship by understanding each other more.  Relational needs is to identify the short term and long term individual and joint needs and determine how to realize any unmet needs.

February 3, 2008

During Comms class, we learn about verbal and nonverbal communication…. Verbal communication involves with language and words that helps us to express ourselves. However, language and words can cause miscommunication at times too. For example; When writing an email to someone, sometimes the tone might be misinterpreted. Non verbal communication is communication without speech in other words its communication through actions or body language. Ok then…. will update more soon…


January 25, 2008

Hey hey!!! Helo….. 1st of all i am gaaya… I have no idea what we have to write in our blog, but shall give it a shot… No harm trying right:) Well lets start… 1st of all I would say that the students in my Communication class are very sociable and  interactive.  The teacher too is very friendly and is all out to help her students…  I definitely think that i would enjoy this semester with this class… k then.. will update my blog SOONNNNN……….

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January 14, 2008

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